History of Aqualyte


Aqualyte was developed by Dr Graham Bates, a Medical Physiologist who worked as an academic for 25yrs. His research interest is fluid and electrolyte balance for people working and exercising in the heat.

His interest in thermoregulation and hydration started in 1979 when he was running the Comrades 90km marathon in South Africa. At the 65km mark as he was handed a cola drink as fluid replacement which started him thinking "What is in sweat, as surely that's what I should be replacing?"

At that time, very little research had been conducted into the composition of sweat due to difficulties in collection methods and contamination issues.

During his time as a university lecturer in Physiology and Pathophysiology he came across a small device that collected sweat for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. After adapting this device he started collecting sweat from dozens of people as part of numerous published research projects.

At the same time, he was consulting to major mining companies in Occupational Health and Safety issues relating to heat illness and workers performance. During this work, the same question arose, what should miners working in hot hostile environments who can lose up to 8 litres of sweat per day be drinking?

Existing products on the market were either too high in sugar or did not match the fluid and electrolyte composition known to be lost in sweat.

After unsuccessfully trying to convince existing companies to manufacture a drink that was scientifically formulated to replace sweat and optimise absorption rates, he decided to make it himself.

Together with a colleague they went into the laboratory and started formulating a palatable rehydration solution based on scientific knowledge and physiological principles. From this, Aqualyte was born.

Aqualyte has been formulated using scientific data and is a premium hydration fluid that will protect against dehydration and optimise performance.