Aqualyte - FAQs

What is Aqualyte Solution?

Aqualyte is a crystallised powder which when mixed with water makes a scentically formulated HYPOTONIC fluid and electrolyte solution for workers and athletes where the replacement of fluid loss through sweating is critical for effective performance.

Extensive scientific research has been undertaken on the prevention of heat illness and dehydration and Aqualyte has been formulated based on this published research into hydration and it's relationship to performance and productivity.

Why is Aqualyte Solution different to other sports or fluid replacement drinks?

Absorption RateSodium Gradient

The vast majority of sports drinks and cordials available are often referred to as ISOTONIC beverages. 

The osmolality of blood and body fluids is approximately 290mosmol/L and most sport replacement drinks are of similar value or higher. This results in the beverage emptying slowly from the gut, often causing a feeling of fullness or bloating and slowing absorption into the body.

Aqualyte is a HYPOTONIC solution with an osmolality of 150mosmol/L.

Studies have shown that HYPOTONIC drinks are more effective than isotonic drinks or plain water which means Aqualyte will move from the gut into the blood supply over 50% faster.

Electrolyte Balance

The composition of Aqualyte has been specifically formulated based on the electrolyte composition being lost in sweat. More Information...

This not only ensures the osmolality of Aqualyte is HYPOTONIC but it maintains the body's normal electrolyte balance which facilitates thermoregulation and optimal neuromuscular performance.

What exactly is in Aqualyte Solution?

For detailed information on the composition of Aqualyte click here

Why is Aqualyte Solution the preferred rehydration drink?

  1. Prevents dehydration as it is rapidly absorbed keeping pace with sweat losses.
  2. Maintains the correct electrolyte balance.
  3. Contains appropriate levels of glucose to provide energy for muscular work.
  4. Delays the onset of fatigue.
  5. Fewer calories than other fluid replacement drinks, cordials and soft drinks.
  6. Less acidic than other fluid replacement drinks.
  7. Aids concentration in work and sport rather than contribute to attention deficit disorders which many caffeine rich drinks do.

How is Aqualyte Prepared and Consumed?

  1. Aqualyte is provided in a dry crystalised powder in 25, 80 or 800g sachets for mixing with water.
  2. Pour crystals into water and stir or shake until the crystals have dissolved. Drink chilled.
  3. Aqualyte can be kept for 2 weeks in a refrigerator when made up.
  4. Consume Aqualyte throughout working shifts and sports activity in proportion to sweat loss.
  5. Do not rely on thirst as an indicator of the need for fluid replacement.
  6. Aqualyte is suitable for children and adults of all ages.